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Natural medical factors of Ulcinj that heal

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (Personal expertise)

The obvious positive impact of the sand from Ulcinj regarding musculoskeletal disorders is often mentioned. Other evidence points to a strong softening effect in diseases of the intestinal tract, the irritable bowel syndrome to chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Because of this, we gave it for a detailed analysis of sea sand and sea water where the famous German Institute in Wessling. The results gave a comprehensive medical expertise contains all relevant and documented information. A noticeable improvement in symptoms can be expected. The complete version of the analysis on the Internet is, of course, not possible. We will gladly arrange its content if you demand it.

Musculoskeletal disorders and respiratory diseases

Ulcinj has 13 km of beaches with fine sea sand which consists of special properties. Also, the bottom of the sea is covered with such sand and just this fact makes this area so special and makes Ulcinj different from other towns on the Mediterranean coast. The sand is grey and white, very fine and pure, and it does not contain any kind of soil, sludge or organic parts. One explanation for such sand properties would also include the fact that Ulcinj is ecologically pure, without any factory plants that could contaminate the environment. Sand is available in large quantities and is probably washed ashore by the currents in autumn and winter. Certainly there is also a connection with vast alluvial rivers Bojana and Drim that come from the mountains and flow into the Adriatic Sea. The chemical composition shows that the sand form Ulcinj contains about 30 minerals, some of which occur very rarely (such as rubidium, cesium strontium, sphere etc.) and which are biologically very active. The sand in Ulcinj contains in small amounts radium, uranium and thorium. So it can bee said that he is slightly radioactive, which makes it a very suitable for medical treatment, especially in the movement of limbs, spine, rheumatism, slipped discs and sciatica and conditions after injuries. The very sea air eases additional symptoms in asthmatic and bronchial diseases. Various patients confirmed that this sand is the cause of their good health. It is interesting how patients burry themselves in the hot sand and lie there for hours.

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