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Ulcinj is the southernmost city of Montenegro and it is situated on the Adratic Sea, near the border with Albania Ulcinj has a picturesque old town, and it is located near the Mala plaža beach. The cityscape shows the Ottoman past, numerous mosques like the church and the mosque Namazgjahu Mosque, spread across the entire city. Ulcinj is a well-developed tourist town. Outside the city begins the Velika plaža beach and it extends up to the Albanian border with a length of 13 kilometers. Thus, this is the longest sandy beach on the eastern Adriatic coast. This includes the nudist area on the island of ADA on the river Bojana.

Velika Plaža Beach

Velika plaža is a beach which is a natural phenomenon of unusual beauty. It is located 2 km from the hotel and has a length of approximately 13 km with an average width of 60 meters. Locals call it the ” Copacabana of Ulcinj “.

Mala Plaža Beach

Mala plaža is a beach which is 600 m long and 25 m wide. It is semi-circular and is located immediately below the old town of Ulcinj. In summer, the Promenade next to the beach becomes the town center and a meeting place for guests and locals. The promenade has many restaurants and bars to the town center and transforms a meeting place for guests and locals.

Rocky Beach

Not far from the Mala plaža beach, you can find small terraced creeks. Hidden under rocks you can find the famous Ladies beach. This beach is only available to women. It is here that sulfur springs, which helps with fertility.

Valdanos Beach

The Valdanos bay is located 5 km from Ulcinj. The beach is filled with pebbles, which are 1-20 cm long. It is 600 m long and 20 m wide on average The Valdanos valley is covered with the old olive trees. The average age of these olive trees is over 300 years and some date back to the time of ancient Greece (5th cent. BC). Ulcinj has over 74,000 olive trees and it is the second largest olive tree garden on the Adriatic.

ADA Bojana

Ada Bojana is a nudist island and can be found at the end of the Long Beach (Velika Plaza), which can be reached via a bridge. Ada is nestled wonderfully between the border from river Bojana to Albania. The island itself is about 600 hectares in size and is characterized by pristine environment. Thanks to its isolated location and a unique ecosystem Ada Bojana is not only a popular destination for those who value their privacy, but also a paradise for those who enjoy eating quality sea fish and seafood. The restaurants on Ada Bojana are famous for their fish and diversity of Montenegrin cuisine.

Salt Plant in Ulcinj

The Salt plant area of Ulcinj, which is part of Bojana -Buna Delta is, with 1,500 hectares of one of the largest salt flats in the Mediterranean. The salt plant mining lagoon is one of the main areas for migratory birds on the eastern Adriatic coast. Many bird watching tourist come in this salt plant. In this place you can find up to 200 Eurasian spoonbills and 100 Dalmatian pelicans simultaneously. Raptors such as osprey, honey buzzards, lesser kestrel, black kites, marsh harriers, spotted eagle and peregrine falcons are regular guests.

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